The Perfect Wedding Dress : Cost and Value

What is good value? Cost is never the ultimate issue with wedding dresses, finding the right dress or outfit is generally a bride’s main priority and there are plenty of styles in all price ranges, from luxurious handmade couture wedding dresses in silks, satins and lace to beautifully manufactured high street dresses, to suit every … Read more

Testing, testing, 1,2,3

So the good news is that rather than listening to me talking nineteen to the dozen you can now read me typing 19/12 in your own good time! ┬áNot sure how this is going to link with my website, or with the facebook page, SadieB or with Twitter sadiebbridal but I’m sure I’ll get … Read more

Hello world!

Hello everyone. Well, as if you didn’t have enough of me chatting away nineteen to the dozen in realtime, I’ve now started this blog so you can read my 19/12 chat aswell. Not sure how it’s going to link up to my website and facebook and Twitter…….but I’ll get there. Website is, fb page … Read more