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Hello I'm Sarah

Designer, entrepreneur, business owner, mother.

Over the years I've encountered my fair share of failure.  And I used to let that define me.   And I thought I deserved it and that other people deserved a good, abundant life, but that I didn't.

Then I realised that failure is the way through.  Failure is not a destination, it's a hiccup.  And while you might have quite a few hiccups all in a row, in the end they stop.  And that's how you get to success.

And now that I know that, I want to encourage every other female creative, to not let failure stand in your way, but to realise that it is the way.  It's the way to success.  And that success isn't just for a lucky few, it's for you too.

Creativity is hard

Creating something new is hard.
You are bringing something into the world that did not exist before.
There is no manual for it.
It's new, it's exciting and it's going to go wrong before it goes right.
It can be so discouraging though.
And even when it's finished you are thinking about how you'll do it differently next time.
And on top of that, it's your business, your livelihood and somehow you need to pay your bills.
It's very stressful.
Which is why I have created this website.
To help you get through the stress, the mess and the time it takes to be creative.
To help you see the journey as a beautiful thing
not as a series of mistakes, disappointments and failures.
To help you make money from your gift and be proud of your abilities.
And to remind you that your creativity is not a mistake, that your gift was given to you for a reason.

Does that sound like you?

Maybe you have tried to make money from your creative business but not succeeded.
Maybe you are working in your creative business but the debts are mounting up and you don't see a way out.
Maybe the weight of running the business, the admin and the paperwork is dragging you down.
You don't see a way out.
You think somehow you got it all so wrong
and that you're the only one
who got it that wrong.
I'm here to tell you, you're not.
I was there too.
And I'm here to help.

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Portrait Of Female Owner Of Clothing And Gift Store
Portrait Of Female Owner Of Clothing And Gift Store
Portrait Of Female Owner Of Clothing And Gift Store

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